Lat year The 405 had the privelege of premiering 'Winner', the first track released by Jo Goes Hunting outside of his native Netherlands. Since then the track has gone on to have 300,000 streams on Spotify, and placed Jimmi Jo Hueting on the map in the UK. He has now announced that he'll be releasing an album called Come, Future in the UK on March 30th.

Along with that announcement comes a new track called 'Confusion', a song that is just as unpredictable as the previously posted 'Winner'. Dashing in and out of different sonic hallways, 'Confusion' allows Jo Goes Hunting show off their musical chops as they glide from erratic synth-rock into gliding and grandiose melodies. At once you feel Jo Goes Hunting relaxing into acceptance of everything that's going wrong, before a complete about-face that suggests there's a little bit of tempestuous creeping through. It's a song that shows off Hueting's ambitions, and he's equal to it thanks to the variety of musical abilities that he's honed over his years of studying composition. This altogether makes 'Confusion' a thoroughly enjoyable and enlivening track.

Check out 'Confusion', with a bonkers and beautiful video directed by Jip Heijenga, below.

Jo Goes Hunting's album Come, Future comes out on March 30th. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.