Jo Goes Hunting is the musical moniker of Dutch multi-instrumentalist Jimmi Jo Hueting. Jimmi Jo has been embroiled in music from a young age, and since 2009 has started to make waves inside various scenes, across which he has floated due to his insatiable curiosity and seemingly boundless abilities. He has attended and graduated various esteemed music schools across Europe, even picking up the Erasmus Jazz Award from the University of Arts in Rotterdam.

He brings all this to Jo Goes Hunting, a more pop-oriented project that is certainly too erratic and experimental to pigeonholed. Today we bring to you 'Winner', a song of frustration and redemption; it's central mantra of "I just gotta let it out" tells you all about the creator and the process. As the song displays our protagonist moving back and forth between confidence and self-doubt, his soundscapes move with him, swaying from punchy electronics into graceful atmospheric indie and back again. It's a mighty wallop of a song as it takes you through several stages of processing, each as compelling as the last.

The artist says of 'Winner': "I wrote this song in a small Parisian room, where strangely enough, nobody cared about me making lots of noise (I studied a semester at a Parisian music school) The song is more or less about letting all pressure to perform go and not caring to be the best/someone's lover. A kind of embrace to fuck up or lose someone. I guess after this embracement, fun can start. The song all started with the drum groove though. The slight insecurity of the pulse, floating between 3/4 and 4/4, hopefully, emphasizes the subject."

Check out the excellent 'Winner' by Jo Goes Hunting, along with the great video below.

Jo Goes Hunting will be playing Birthdays in London on October 24th.

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