Vancouver band Jo Passed were recently picked up by Sub Pop for the release of their debut album Their Prime, due late next month. They made a statement of intent with the lead single 'MDM', and are back for a second sucker punch with 'Millennial Trash Blues'.

'Millennial Trash Blues' once again finds the quartet in ebullient mood, this time launching themselves forward with the speed and grace of a missile, with their guitars shrieking like the ammunition whistling through the air at its intended target. The song sees the band in absolutely unstoppable form, rushing forward with barely any time to skid to a stunning halt after three minutes of enthusiastically unenthusiastic rock, fully embodying the title 'Millennial Trash Blues'.

It also comes with a video directed by Justin Gradin who says of it: "A nightmare on the tip of an eyelash. An astrological garbage dump with burning snowflakes and a trap door. A wild teen awake in someone else's dream." Watch below.

Thier Prime comes out through Sub Pop on May 25th and can be pre-ordered here.