It's been a couple of years since Joan Shelley released her fourth, self-titled album, and further wove her way into the fabric of modern American songwriting. Now, 2 years on she's returned with a new track called 'Coming Down For You', a golden slice of classic songwriting.

Shelley's new track rumbles along with the rustic hew of a classic country song, and her voice is ripened to perfection to emphasise this sepia tone. With her voice sounding richer and more dextrous than ever, Shelley unfolds a simple tale of love and desire, looking forward to the reunion of life and limbs: "I'm saving a part of me just to come down with you." Already an utter delight in its simple opening minutes, 'Coming Down For You' is patient in revealing all of its delights, as additional wisps of vocals and instrumentation slip into the underbrush, filling the song out into a great American landscape.

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