Having once already been quite entertainingly weirded out by Jockstrap and their song/video 'Hayley', we weren't expecting the 20-year-old Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye to do it again so adeptly - but that's exactly what they've done with their next piece, 'Joy'. It's the second song to be shared from their newly announced EP Love Is The Key To The City, which comes out on November 2nd on Kaya Kaya.

We're not offered any explanation of the influences or intentions of 'Joy', so we're left to our own interpretations - and there are many that could be taken. At first it seems 'Joy' is written as another ode to a wistful woman, as Jockstrap offer alluring falsetto flirtations over glistening string beds and flutes - and the video shows a young woman in many stages of beautification. Just as you settle into the harmony of 'Joy', things spin radically in an instant, Jockstrap suddenly dropping a pinging beat and a variety of weird voices. The second half of the song sounds more like a group of high people talking across purposes about fucking and desire - while the video suddenly sees the woman in gross and leering unification with fruit, honey and whipped cream. Once again we're bamboozled by the whole thing - but we can't look away. Check it out below.

Jockstrap's Love Is The Key To The City EP comes out on November 2nd and can be pre-ordered here. They've got some live dates coming up:

30 Oct | Pitchfork Avant Garde, Paris
2 Nov - Koko, London w/ Goat Girl
8 Nov | Iceland Airwaves
6 Dec | St Pancras Old Church, London