Back in early November, London-based pop experimentalists Jockstrap released their mini-album Love Is The Key To The City, a culmination of all their work to date, featuring past favourites 'Hayley' and 'Joy'. The year didn't end there for Jockstrap, who put on an utterly spellbinding and incalculably charming performance with a full string section at St. Pancras Old Church last week, and their year now gets a cherry on top with the release of a video for another excellent cut from their mini-album, 'Charlotte'.

Jockstrap co-leader Georgia Ellery says of the track, "['Charlotte'] is an account of intimacy and infatuation. It’s a 6/8 ballad; yet it’s erratic, it’s in several tenses, and it fragments and explodes frequently. It’s all over the place emotionally, but structurally - it’s pretty solid. I think it’s my favourite track we’ve written.”

The video for 'Charlotte' was this time created by their friend and collaborator, Enid Gunn, who maintains Jockstrap's compelling exploration in the realms of the uncomfortably intimate - and it couples nicely with the soft unpredictability of the song. Georgia adds "The digital haze of the video captures the sound world and intimacy of ‘Charlotte’ perfectly in my opinion.”

Jockstrap's Love Is The Key To The City is out now on Kaya Kaya Records. Keep an eye out for big things from them in the near future.