With all the furore and attention surrounding the new generation of West Coast American hip-hop artists over the last few years, the so called 'beat scene', centring in and around Los Angeles and galvanised by luminaries such as Daddy Kev, Carlos Nino and Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder stable (and even the Odd Future crew), many people have taken their eyes of the spiritual home of the genre, New York.

Bubbling up under the radar in the Big Apple over the past year is a new breed of vital, energetic and most importantly, insanely talented hip-hop collectives loosely banded together under the umbrella term 'Beast Coast'. Consisting of, amongst others, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era, A$AP Mob, Tan Boys and World's Fair, the Beast Coast Movement, who are just in the process of finishing their first headlining nationwide tour, combine the heady, potent and often cerebral lyricism of their City's ancestors with a modern, varied take on the classic Boom Bap beats that made hip-hop so exciting in the first place. The movement has almost single handedly rejuvenated the New York scene, putting it firmly back on the map as one of the most important places in the world to digest the resurgence of quality underground rap music.

With this in mind, take a few minutes to check out 'Hotbox' by Pro Era's breakout star, Joey Bada$$ featuring fellow member NYCk Caution. The tune, produced by Kirk Knight, is a dark, minimal slow jam, combing industrial sounding, dub tinged UK trip-hop style drums, raw, brutal rhymes that hammer straight into your cerebrum, delivered with typical New York aplomb and an ominous pitched down chorus reminiscent, of early Wu Tang Clan material. It's a straight killer, the sound of the 'New' New York and is not to be missed.