Joey Bada$$ has just released 'Killuminati Pt. 2', a track produced by Knxwledge and aimed towards the controversial line responsible for the recent buzz amongst rappers: in his guest verse on Big Sean's 'Control', Californian rapper Kendrick Lamar claims he's "King of New York" - and this alone was more than enough for a little (amicable) competition.

Bada$$'s response invokes the name of New York rap legends "I'm Biggie I'm [Big] L I'm [Big] Pun/I'm God's Son [Nas] I'm Pac, Guru all in on" and addresses Lamar's line directly by saying "It's nathan [nothing] all I gotta do is just spit a flame/No escaping/You in a swimming pool of champagne/You set yourself up for that one mane/The king of New York,' huh?/We ain't just gonna let that one hang."

Listen to the track below.