Please bear with us whilst we pretend we know anything about UFC. We think it's when two guys are locked in a cage and they have to fight their way out of the cage like Royal Rumble, but instead of it being fake, the contestants actually punch each other in the faces for money. We saw it on an episode of Friends once, so we're pretty sure that's right.

Anyway, the destination we're trying to arrive at is that Joey Bada$$ has put together a song called 'Mr. Wonderful', which happens to be the alter ego of UFC light heavyweight fighter Phil Davis. "Mr. Wonderful" is apparently fighting a guy called "Anthony Johnson" - which is a pretty boring name when you think about it (name suggestions: "Mr. Tolerable", "Mr. Punch Hero" or "Mr. Fairground"). "Mr. Wonderful" will enter the ring/cage/block tower using this song.

UFC 172 takes place at some point. Look out for it, yeah?

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