Joey Dosik has presented a deluxe version of his acclaimed EP Game Winner, including the standout stripped-back ‘Running Away’. The collection of tracks, loosely inspired by the musician’s appreciation of basketball, is a short song suite brimming with controlled emotion. Joey’s slick vocals drift through the four-minute smooth-jam of ‘Running Away’ - with the track itself carrying an amiable frivolity.

Originally destined for a basketball career, Joey suffered an injury early on leaving him to concentrate on writing, yet the sport continued to inform his style. Fortunately, he did not produce over-hyped arena jams, rather an EP that moves as effortlessly and proficiently as an NBA all-star.

Joey wrote, produced, played and mixed all the instruments on the EP. It gave him a strong understanding of his craft and soon won him a large following on the road. He will return to London to play the Jazz Cafe in Camden on May 16th. Tickets are available here.