A friend of mine is training to become a music teacher. During one of his first lessons he asked his students what kind of guitar music they liked playing, to get an idea of what kind of compositions he could expect come the end of term. He was pretty surprised to hear that tastes among young teenage music enthusiasts apparently hadn't changed much since he was the same age a decade and a half ago. Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day were the most common replies.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by this. Guitars are practically a dirty word in the alternative music scene, and have been for some time. The kids weren't really old enough to be chucking in the more niche acts that they would no doubt pick up in a few years time as they moved further down the forest path into genres unknown. At least they didn't say Limp Bizkit.

I mention this, because JOEY FOURR's Museums EP sounds almost exactly like an ironic version of the compositions those kids will most likely come up with. Devoid of charm, or anything suggesting inspiration, JOEY batters his way through a set of small town open-mic misdemeanours like 'Cartoons' and 'Honey Daydream', casting his wilting gaze over subjects as crucial as the effect television is having on the youth of today (look out Gilbert Harding).

If you're going to record an EP featuring nothing but a single-track vocal and single-track guitar, it had better demonstrate that you have one of the following: an affecting, original voice, or skill beyond the mere everyday on the guitar. You should at the very least be able to pull off ramshackle charm a la Violent Femmes. JOEY is not the Violent Femmes.

If Museums is meant as an ironic joke, I don't get it and it isn't funny. If it is meant as a clarion call to a nation's disaffected youth… good luck with that. JOEY's website looks like a 12-year-old's music textbook that the teacher let him 'back' himself, and which he has then noisily decorated with big felt tip pens. This collection offers the same enjoyment as inhaling said pens.