“Cinematic,” when describing music (or music videos), is typically meant for compositions that seem ready for Cinemascope. Producer John Atkinson’s new video for ‘Backwaves’ (off his new split with Sabriel’s Orb) was created by his friend “Seacrest Cheadle” (interinternets.com). In it, he takes notable “entrances” (showcasing film and television shots wherein the characters are in full display) and warps them to where they’re just unrecognizable enough to be realized as something new. Iconic images of The Dark Knight, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Breaking Bad, No Country For Old Men, and Desperado are made newly fascinating through Atkinson’s aesthetic, as if an epidemic of “decaying VHS tape fever” had broken out. Tying all these disparate moments together is the chilling ambient atmosphere Atkinson conjures. Like any great piece of art, visual or otherwise, it stays on your mind long after it’s concluded.

John Atkinson - Backwaves from Seacrestcheadle on Vimeo.

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