Members of pre-eminent American alternative mainstays Deerhoof and Neutral Milk Hotel team up for a suitably idiosyncratic release. The Coral Casino defies labels, jumping from the euphoric noise pop of 'Out And About' to the almost carnivalesque 'Parasol Gigante', with John Dieterich and Jeremy Barnes embracing the freedom that comes from a collaboration between artists unafraid of taking risks.

It's probably safe to say that The Coral Casino is not a particularly easy listen. It represents two alternative artists at their most experimental and more often than not resembles electronica than the noise-rock and indie styles the duo are known for as part of their respective groups. And yet there are some real gems to be found on this collaboration. Lead single, 'What', is a particular highlight, with its synthesised flute intro lending a pastoral air before the duo introduce deep bass, electronic beeps and ambient textures to give a retro sci-fi tone.

This science-fiction inspired sound is extended with tracks like 'Philae Lands on Comet 67p', which utilises a keyboard melody that wouldn't feel out of place on a TV show soundtrack like Space 1999. 'Special Questions', meanwhile, blends atmospheric swells with off-kilter pop. The use of hand-clap percussion and bright, melodious keyboard melodies gives the whole thing an infectious child-like quality.

Whilst the individual elements of The Coral Casino are interesting, the album struggles in retaining interest. The songs flit between different movements, and by the mid-point of the album it can be exhausting as polyrhythms, unique instruments and new sonic styles are seemingly thrown at the wall with wild abandon. The cacophonous noise of 'Sales Tan, Pt.2' and the screeching electronics of 'The Frost Pocket' become particularly unbearable and feel more like a test of the listener's patience with the music than anything else. It's a shame because there really are some interesting, and even fun moments to be had, but as the album nears its conclusion this goodwill is undone by what should be minor annoyances on an otherwise enjoyable, experimental record.