John & Jehn (Regional): Cambridge
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John and Jehn are a French duo, a couple in fact, who are very much in love. And its this dynamic thats important to the music they write and perform with an underlying passion throughout their delivery.

Influenced by Serge Gainsbourg, The Velvet Underground, Gang of Four, Joy Division, and Johnny Cash, John and Jehn's music is a collection of sonic experiments, carried by dark humour on razor-sharp pop melodies. As a live duo, they are seemingly the perfect package - John, with Elvis moves and chiseled cheekbones, whilst Jehn, a charming mix of clumsy energy and incredible beauty. The 23rd November 2010 sees John & Jehn grace Cambridge for the very first time, and after their recent tour support of British Sea Power, the intense and intoxicating live show they have honed over the last year promises to deliver an incredible show.