Later this month John Maus will be releasing a career-spanning 6LP vinyl box set, featuring his 4 previously released studio albums, his rarities collection, and a new LP called Addendum. The new album is a collection of songs made in the same time as last year's excellent Screen Memories, and he has also today announced that it will be released as a standalone album on CD and Digital on May 18th.

As a taste of what Addendum will behold, he has today released a track called 'Episode'. It's classic John Maus in its twinkling synths underpinned with hypnotic and twitching bass tones. Vocally, Maus is typically thoughtful and confusing, at some points sounding like he's trying to make an earnest declaration, at others he just seems to be singing math equations. It's the kind of thing only he could pull off so well. Listen below.

The LP version of Addendum will only be available in the box set (which is already sold out). You can pre-order the digital or CD version here.