I doubt many people could boast a bigger record collection than the late, great, John Peel. The legendary DJ was rumoured to have around 70,000 records, singles and CD’s in his collection and earlier this year there was talk of these records being made available to the public. Well, as of tomorrow the first 100 records of the collection will be made available via an Arts Council funded "interactive online museum" called The Space. Listeners can read Peel’s notes, listen to archive sessions and watch interviews with musicians and performers from over the years.

You can view The Space here (although there isn’t anything there until tomorrow) and the plan is for another hundred records to be added to the site every week between now and October. The site will of course remain blank until tomorrow so in the meantime why don’t you check out this performance of what is famously the great mans favourite song, 'Teenage Kicks' by The Undertones.

"there was nothing that could be added to or subtracted from 'Teenage Kicks' to make it any better than it already was" - John Peel.