Good news vinyl fans, the excellent Johnny Foreigner album Johnny Foreigner vs Everything is getting a vinyl release. As reported by DIY earlier today, the album was originally released back in November of last year and will now get this physical release on special gatefold vinyl on 25th June via our good friends over at Alcopop Records.

The bands frontman Alexei told DIY of how the release came about and what its like releasing music through an independent label like Alcopop - "to us, 'Johnny Foreigner vs Everything' is the greatest record we've ever made; in musical terms of sounding like we do in our heads, in punk terms of getting shit done ourselves, and in real cold practical terms as a venture that brought our bank balance into the black for the first time since 2007 when [drummer] Junior found a £20 note on the floor in a train station.

"I've spoken about the challenges and the struggle to make this record enough times before, so let's just use this as an analogy: there were seemingly insurmountable odds but we won in the end. It's grandiose, sprawling, half too noisy and half too quiet, it's essentially us painted as songs.

"'Is it coming out on vinyl?' is a question we're kinda used to sighing at. We're all three of us record sniffers, but our first label saw vinyl as a dead and pointless market. We kicked against that and fan-funded the 'Every Cloakroom Ever' EP.The success of which left us with the smug satisfaction of being right all along, but made us realise that our finances were way too shaky to be a record label as well as a band. Releasing music through Alcopop is awesome because they understand the impractical desire, from both artist and consumer, to have actual physical products for songs. Sometimes they're fun promo things like frisbees and stickers, and sometimes it's actual records."