In true Johnny Foreigner fashion, the band have written a pretty hefty letter announcing the release of their new album, Johhny Foreigner vs Everything.

You can read their heartfelt words here. The more concise version can be found via their label, Alcocop!

Here's what they had to say about it:

"They’re baaaaaack! And the handsome trio Johnny Foreigner have got new tracks for your great ears from forthcoming November album ‘Johnny Foreigner vs Everything’ – in 2 track ‘skate sticker’ download edition. For just £1 (50p postage worldwide) you get 2 identical JoFo skate stickers with url to the tracks (see em here – they’re limited to 500 pairs) – one for keeping, the other for sticking somewhere awesome. Then send us a photo. The best one wins exclusive album artwork, a deluxe album pack and a unicorn drawn by Lex… Deal?"

Their next single will be '(don't) show us your fangs / the hand that slaps you back' which can be downloaded here, or heard below: