Featuring the kind of sounds that'd suitable for a freaky nightmare, 'Bullytown' is another Johnny Jewel-composed piece for the Lost River soundtrack. Opening up with Bully (a character played by Matt Smith, who sports a very different look for the film) saying, "... You can't cheat death... You can't cheat life... You can't cheat anything really..." it's a dynamic number that moves between threatening dread, with unexpected percussive thumps, atonal chimes and burrowing insectoid piercings, and an empty feeling of magical anticipation – conjured by ambient washes of chords and plasma synth that morphs with otherworldly ethereality throughout.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Italians Do It Better boss would be working on the score to this Ryan Gosling directorial debut. The Lost River OST will be available worldwide from 30th March. Listen to 'Bullytown' below.