Jonathan Something's 'Outlandish Poetica' is the type of song you'd hear as William H. Macy exits the bar in a PT Anderson film, a song with such psych throwback perfection it could have been coming through Ty Segall's headphones in the late nineties, or at least something you'd want to be played when you enter the party. Then there's the lyrics. Jon Searles, the man behind the mic, unravels a scene where Larry Bird asks him for cash before getting strung up and murdered. Then there's the music. Searles rocks aux percussion with a ferocity we haven't seen since LCD Soundsystem's debut, all underlying chunky bass, high register piano, and raucous drumbeats. Yes, this is 'Outlandish Poetica' on paper, but the experience through the headphones is much more fun and immediate. Everything is produced with a sixties pop clarity that sticks around for all of the track's five minutes. The previous track button will look very appealing once the song's over.

Jonathan Something's album Outlandish Poetica comes out in August on Solitaire Recordings. Follow him on Facebook.