The concept of home has a lot of weight. It is where we should feel most comfortable, where we are safest. Our attachment to places can seem strange if given too much thought, especially when returning somewhere from a lifetime ago. But Joni Payne’s experience that led her to write her new single “Come Home” happened in the moment. On it, she sings about the dissonance between her personal growth and stagnation of the place she has always known.

Joni Payne channels problematic fave Kanye West in this exquisite R&B tune. Generous auto-tune hovers over soaring production, as Payne reflects on recent memories from a long trip abroad. But: “Then I started looking around and realized that with all that had passed, I was sitting in the exact same chair, in the same apartment, with the same view that had all been there before I left. The whole thing felt like a dream, and I was fighting to fit back into an old home without letting go of the many ways in which I had changed and grown.” As she expresses in the track, this was an uncomfortable position, but she made the most of it. “I wrote the song to kind of ground me in the place of being lost between my past and my present... just to get through that moment."

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