18-year-old Wardell-born, London-based artist, Jorja Smith has delivered the visuals for her powerful social commentating single 'Blue Lights,' with a Drew Cox-directed video just as intense. Her married modern R&B and potent songwriting is only propelled by the stunning black and white clip inspired by people watching on the Number 4 bus in her hometown.

"Blue Lights is a song I wrote around a year ago. It questions why you should have a guilty conscience if you've done nothing wrong," Jorja explained to i-D. "The video is about a black male who portrays three different paths he could've gone down in life... as a boxer, a police officer and just a guy in a hoodie. This man is fighting with himself and the perception that society and authority have given to him. How can a young black male run away from the stereotypical stigma and hatred towards police if it is on every screen or paper they see? The boxer is quite literally being beaten up by society's perceptions. The video's narrative is just one example of the negative stereotypes many people suffer each and every day."