Certain musical cliches, namely the moody loner armed with nothing but a beard and an acoustic guitar, have entered the realm of self-parody. But every once in awhile, someone who checks all the cliche boxes emerges and somehow produces something that shatters all the cliches and expectations with vivid, powerful music. Joseph Childress would be such an example. His upcoming self-titled LP is the product of his adventures through the American West. As a result, his tracks are dripping with sincere, irresistible American imagery.

His latest single, 'Leaving The Barren Ground,' highlights all of this, as the song's traditional structure is elevated by Childress' knack for visceral songwriting and his ability to perfectly capture the spirit of the West. Like all the best Western songs, Childress creates a memorable melody that melds with the striking, nomadic themes of the lyrics.

Western songs are, admittedly, not for everyone. But if you lust after adventure and feel the romantic allure of the American West somewhere keep down inside of you, Joseph Childress has captured it as well as anyone.

Take a listen to 'Leaving The Barren Ground' below and buy a copy of his self-titled LP, which drops on Oct. 6.