Meet Joseph J. Jones - a 23-year-old former boxer who has since found his calling in music with a hearty, soul-rich voice. His father was an ABA champion, his grandfather was a jazz guitarist for the BBC, and his debut single 'The Video' might just be one of the most beautiful records you'll listen to this week.

Keeping the production restrained to a minimal piano arrangement and a beautiful string section, Jones' soulfully stunning vocal delivery is the star of the show, etched with a deep growl that's simply divine. Musically inspired by Johnny Cash, Kanye West and - bizarrely - West Ham United, Joseph J. Jones has been working closely with writer/producer Richard Frenneaux so keep a very close eye on this one.

'The Video' is available now via Communion Records. Jones will be appearing at The Great Escape this weekend (May 20) as well as performing at his own headline show on May 24 at the Waiting Room in London. Free tickets are available here.