The new EP from LA-via-London artist Liminal moves gracefully. Analysis Paralysis came out last month, marking the artist otherwise known as Tom Crouch’s debut multi-track release. It can feel cavernous as bubbles of synth and cooing guitars bounce against the walls, but his vocals draw you in close until there is no space left between you. Crouch released live studio versions of two tracks, and now he is back with another, this time with a twist: the addition of the band Joseph.

When Liminal’s new version of 'Pendulum Guess' starts with a lonely guitar melody and Crouch’s sparing lyrics. The song is poetic and shy, this time heightened by its bare instrumentation. When the chorus crashes in, Joseph dives headfirst into its depths with beautiful three-part harmonies. The trio moves as if overpowered by their own energy, while Crouch is jolted by his grip on the fretboard.

As with the rest of Liminal’s work, 'Pendulum Guess' is pliable enough to assign significance when a connection is not obvious. Even if (or especially when) the lyrics are difficult to decipher, his sound can easily envelope you, and in those moments of vulnerability one may find strength. Here we embrace the fortitude that the choir of Joseph lends, too.

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