Joseph Shabason is a Toronto-based artist who creates ambient music out of finely-honed synthesizer textures and soft injections of saxophone. He has announced that he will be releasing a new album called Anne on November 16th through Western Vinyl, and has shares the song 'Forest Run' from the collection.

Early on in 'Forest Run' there is a spoken sample of Shabason's mother, and indeed she shows up throughout Anne, as the focal point around which he has created the album, which is said to be about degenerative illness that she suffers. This is a sensitive subject, and Shabason's harmonious synthesizers paint a soft net into which all his unspoken emotions and conflicting feelings are bundled, all the better for investigation and inner reflection. In 'Forest Run' he guides us through a misty clearing, his subtle and warped saxophone injections describing sunlight reflecting back off the mist of his gently wafting synth beds. To say it's captivating is just the beginning, as it reaches points that are beyond description; listen below.

Joseph Shabason's new album Anne comes out through Western Vinyl on November 16th, and can be pre-ordered from his Bandcamp. Live dates are to be announced shortly, so make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news on those.