Josin is the German singer and composer Arabella Rauch, who will be releasing her debut album In The Blank Space in January - and at this point it might well be our most anticipated album of 2019. After the apocalyptic 'Burning (For A New Start)', she has this week followed it up with another frost-bitten wonder called 'Once Apart'.

Josin explains “’Once Apart’ describes the state of being separated from one another. It's not necessarily a place where you lose connection, it can even be something that gets you closer and everything you feel is floating, growing and waiting to become concrete again. The absence of the physical makes room for an inner connection. “My eyes are filled with your space” is probably the main statement, meaning that once we're apart we become one."

The sinuous piano that underscores the track immediately conjures the emotional vulnerability that Josin describes, and her vocal then crystallises it with a tangible yearning. Delightful percussion pushes the song forward, and gives power to the magnetic connection that she's dreaming of re-affirming, but echoing counter-vocals give us a picture of the physical and emotional void that stands between the two partners. As 'Once Apart' reaches its balletic conclusion, Josin has balanced a plethora of feelings and frustration into a breathtakingly choreographed musical spectacle. Check it out below.

Dumont Dumont / MVKA will be releasing Josin's debut album In The Blank Space on January 25th. In the meantime be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.