As we grow older, the younger among us start to feel age in a slightly different variety. Not necessarily having children or buying a home, typical benchmarks of adulthood, but subtle things one begins to notice. There's new celebrities you don't know anything about nor care to find out about. And all of a sudden, there's players entering professional sports who are much younger than you are. So, Age Alert: JOY. is just 17-years-old.

The Brisbane product, born Olivia McCarthy, has been poached for a handful of remixes over the past year, as well as a stirring cover of Drake's 'Marvin's Room'. Now, McCarthy rolls out her dynamic slow-burner 'Stone'.

The track weeps with indelible bedroom pop dynamics, rolling with snapping percussion and McCarthy's gentle vocal stream. With years ahead of her still, she manages to wedge a place inbetween the ultra-sultry bravado of acts like Jessie Ware and BANKS on 'Stone', which comes from her upcoming EP of the same name.