It's a fun week to be a rap fan. If you haven't been following, to say the least, things have been popping off.

Unlike, say, the YG and Tekashi 6ix9ine beef, this latest sparring seems mostly in good fun, and is far more enjoyable for it.

To bring you up to speed, Toronto rapper Tory Lanez, despite receiving near constant unanimous negative reviews (aside from, well, this writer), thought it was a good idea to declare himself far beyond rising rap hope Joyner Lucas' level.

Naturally, Lucas didn't take this sitting down, and issued a challenge: bars for bars.

It didn't take long for Lanez to accept, issuing a 'Lucky You Freestyle' (meaning he used the same beat Joyner was featured on from Eminem's Kamikaze, folks).

Only hours later, Joyner replied with his own 'Litty Freestyle,' with even its artwork parodying Lanez. No less, his response has already recieved more than 200,000 more views than Lanez' opening barrage, despite having been up less than half the time. I'd say things aren't looking good for the Canadian, but Lucas ends the lyrical broadside on a friendly note: "So now that we got that out the way, let's make a record."

Check out both "freestyles" below, and judge for yourself. Your move, Lanez.

Update: His move, indeed. Lanez has replied with 'Litty Again Freestyle.' Check that out below, as well.

'Litty Freestyle':

'Lucky You Freestyle':

'Litty Again Freestyle':