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Soul singer JP Cooper has the ability to silence crowds with his voice and the sturm of his guitar. After four EPs and a deal with Island Records, the Manchester-born artist has spent his time flitting between the US and the UK. Less than a month into a new year, JP Cooper provides what may prove to be one of the most mesmerising EPs of 2015 in When The Darkness Comes.

When The Darkness Comes EP is a heartfelt body of work that provides an incredible vocal range and candid lyrics. It provides listeners with the sort of connection and escape that music should provide. The EP is stripped back and with minimal instruments, our attention is turned to JP's songwriting and vocals.

On the title track, JP extends his range whilst drifting in and out of falsetto. He doesn't dwell on notes for too long, but just enough to have you ensnared by his voice. 'Closer', which appears also as an acoustic tells a story of a man who yearns to be with his loved ones. The melodies are dainty. Despite there being an acoustic version as well, it feels as if you are listening to two separate accounts of the same story. Much like the themes found on his previous EPs, there are elements of humility, romance and family in When The Darkness Comes. It appears as if everything is left on the table, which has JP displaying an openness and intensity that propels him above many of his contemporaries.

In parts, When Darkness Comes can be likened to India Arie's Acoustic Soul. While the guitar strings provide the foundation for the songs, it's the heartfelt expression and the manner in which he delivers it that garners him that comparison. Being co-signed by soul legends such as Angie Stone will always be good for your career but when you possess a talent that JP Cooper has, it's not necessary. It can be hard to pick EPs apart and search for flaws as the best work is usually included and When The Darkness Comes is no exception. With five tracks, you almost feel like you've not been given enough but it ends up being the perfect amount.

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