Release Date: 03/11/08 Label: Fading Ways Link: You know those sorts of conversations you have with people when you end up almost wanting to punch them right in the ear, even though they're one of your closest friends? well this album reminds me of one of those very conversations. Around the time I was at college I was the biggest music snob you could imagine. Like the Archetypal horse with it's blinkers on I only focused on what I liked and didn't look outside my comfort zone. So when people gave me recommendations, or tried to enlighten me about certain bands I would shoot them down, even if i'd only heard tiny parts from the bands. I remember one day my good friend Jody was telling me about Kyuss and how great they were and like the ass I was, I told them they were crap. Secretly I was taking the piss about, though at the time I wasn't really into them. Many crossed words later, Jody pulled out the big guns and saif the following: "It's a fact that they're one of the best bands in the world, everyone says so" That's when I went a bit mental. How can anything like that be fact? Even though this guy is stupidly smart (He's an Astro-physicist now) he couldn't get that into his head. What does this have to do with Jud you might ask. Well to be brutally honest, it's just my ridiculously long and pointless segue to the fact that if you've never heard of him before he's kinda like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. I bet you really want the skinny on what it's like now after such a great intro like that don't you? Well i'll tell you. It starts off pretty damn good with album opener 'Bright White Light' and follow up song 'Drained' but soon the relentless sludge seems to get really watered down and doesn't seem to gain any sort of footing until the monstrous riff in 'Asylum' (which is damn good name for the song) comes enters the scene. It's so big and thick that you would be excused for thinking it's some sort of Boris or Earth riff. After that it loses it's way a bit but not to the point that would make me give it a bad rating. It's far too relentless and stubborn for that to happen. This vocal style often tend to grate on me but singer David Clemmons really doesn't annoy me one bit. He's got bags of energy oozing out of him which I find 100% necessary when you're dealing with this style of music. It's a pretty solid album but not one i'll be revisiting too many times. Rating: 6/10