In January, MOJO will be releasing a new cover album, and this time several bands/artists will be covering each track on the classic album Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac.

Below you'll find Julia Holter's exceptional cover of 'Gold Dust Woman' that will absolutely floor you.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Second Hand News (Yeasayer)
  • 2. Dreams (Pure Bathing Culture)
  • 3. Never Going Back Again (Slaraffenland)
  • 4. Don't Stop (The Phoenix Foundtation)
  • 5. Go Your Own Way (Dutch Uncles)
  • 6. Songbird (The Staves)
  • 7. The Chain (Liars)
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun (The Besnard Lakes)
  • 9. I Don't Want To Know (Dylan LeBlanc)
  • 10. Oh Daddy (Mary Epworth)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Julia Holter)