Your fave and ours, Ji Nilsson, has not let the fact that Gwen Stefani's new single rips off 'Heartbreakfree' distract her from the business of making great music and here she is turning her magic onto the latest release from fellow Stockholmistress, Julia Vero.

Vero's percussive first single,'Hollow', came out last year and saw the Swedish popstrel change direction from the work she'd previously done with her former band, Federales. "I sang a lot at home," she says of her formative years, "I used to take my mum and dad's records and sing to Simple Minds, Suzanne Vega, Stacey Kent, Victoria Tolstoy, The Who, Talking Heads, U2, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Silverbullit. My teacher was strongly against this because she thought that it made my voice stand out too much. She asked me to stop singing at home. But from that day on, it was never quiet in our house."

With 'How Does It Feel?', Vero entrenches herself further into the pop mainstream and we're big fans of the various remixes commissioned for the song ahead of its release this week, especially this one by Ji Nilsson, who told The 405: "When I was asked to do a remix of [this song] I really wanted to keep the beautiful vocals intact, but to dress them in a sunny outfit suited for a club somewhere on a Caribbean beach. I hope that's what you feel when you hear it."

'How Does It Feel?' is released by RCA/Sony Music Entertainment AB on 31 October.