Cult Records, the label of Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas + the Voidz will be releasing his new solo record Tyranny on 23 September (October 13th in the UK). It all gets a little more ridiculous from there, as he's also shared the tracklisting (with songs like 'Nintendo Blood'), cover art, and its 11 minute single 'Human Sadness'. Yes, it's 11 minutes long.

If you're not one for traditional album formats, you'll be thrilled to hear that he's not only releasing the album on vinyl, CD, and digitally, but also on cassette and via a USB drive in a cigarette lighter cover. You can pre-order it now via Cult Records.

You can purchase 'Human Sadness' on iTunes now.

  • Tracklist:
  • 01. Take Me in Your Army
  • 02. Crunch Punch
  • 03. M.utually A.ssured D.estruction
  • 04. Human Sadness
  • 05. Where No Eagles Fly
  • 06. Father Electricity
  • 07. Johan Von Bronx
  • 08. Business Dog
  • 09. Xerox
  • 10. Dare I Care
  • 11. Nintendo Blood
  • 12. Off to War…

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