Three years after the release of her stunning debut Rooms With Walls and Windows, Julie Byrne has confirmed she'll be releasing her new album, Not Even Happiness, this January.

"The title of the album comes from a letter I wrote to a friend after a trip to Riis Park's 'The People's Beach', it was the first warm afternoon of the year," she explains. "I walked alongside the Atlantic as the Earth came alive for the sun. There was a palpable sense of emergence to everything. I felt it in myself too, and remember thinking I would trade that feeling for nothing...not even happiness."

The album - which is set for release on January 13th via Basin Rock - is preceded by lead single 'Natural Blue', which you can stream below.

The tracklisting is as follows:

  • 1. 'Follow My Voice'
  • 2. 'Sleepwalker'
  • 3. 'Melting Grid'
  • 4. 'Natural Blue'
  • 5. 'Interlude'
  • 6. 'Morning Dove'
  • 7. 'All The Land Glimmered'
  • 8. 'Sea As It Glides'
  • 9. 'I Live Now As A Singer'