Julie Byrne has a voice as powerful has any you've likely heard lately, and she has the palpable confidence underneath it to make beautiful, stirring art. Such is the case with 'I Live Now Like A Singer,' a powerful track inspired in part by the TV show 'Twin Peaks.'

'I Live Now Like A Singer' is likely the last advance track from Byrne's upcoming LP, Not Even Happiness, which is due out on Jan. 13 through Basin Rock. The song represents a major shift for Byrne, as this is the first song the artist has ever recorded without a guitar. But while Byrne has long been better known for her unusual tunings and intricate fingerpicking, she may soon be recognized for the poignant emotions she is able to conjure up with nothing but a minimalist set of synthesizers and her voice.

Get hyped for Byrne's upcoming LP by checking out 'I Live Now Like A Singer' below.