Julien Baker's Turn Out The Lights, her follow-up to 2015's seminal Sprained Ankle, is out October 27th via Matador Records. It was recorded in her hometown Memphis, with Baker writing and producing, mixed by Craig Silver (Arcade Fire, The National).

The announcement is accompanied by its first single, 'Appointments', a devastatingly articulate reading of our new world, with her empowering country drawl enabled by translucent piano and guitar. The dying couplet "maybe it's gonna turn out alright/ I know that it's not but I have to believe it is." I mean, fuck. The English language isn't sophisticated enough to expound how affecting those fading seconds are. The song is infallible confessionalism, a window into the soul of an artist as empathetic as she is gifted, that reflects our own intrinsic, tireless yearning for understanding and peace; even in their impossibility.

I will stand for Julien Baker until my deathbed. Listen to Sprained Ankle; listen to 'Appointments'; listen to everything she quavers on. This album is going to break you and repair you and reaffirm you.