Here's Julio Bashmore with another song. It is a bit more funky and disco-flavoured than his previous offerings – not quite the glistening discoball-conjuror it's being hyped as, but still – with spasms of ear-pinching strings sounding every now and then, and fragments of slap bass punctuating the the low end. Essentially it sounds like the b-side to the maybe more disco-infused 'Simple Love'.

Featuring second-time collaborator J'Danna, whose vocals are layered in harmonies, full of rich silken soul, it's a punchy track that also is decorated with hints of off-colour synth, the occasional crash of a cymbal, and a looped vocal sample: "I ask the Lord..." It's more space boogie than hot tub time machine, if it went to the '70s instead of the '80s, but it still has an undeniable sparkle and the potential to send your body into a frenzy of cool dance moves, probably.

As far as I can gather it may or may not be out on Bashmore's own label, Broadwalk Records.