Last week we premiered 'Ocean Blue' from LA-based composer-turned-noir pop musician Julius, and he's already back with another brand new track. This time it's a reimagining of Broods' hit track 'Bridges', and he's transformed it from its swelling, delicate alt-pop sound into something much more dark and cinematic, better fit for a movie soundtrack than the dancefloor like the original is.

Speaking to Blackbook Magazine about the track, he said "Some relationships end just because of a misunderstanding, but the experience can still be horrible even when no one intends it. This song really resonated with me on this, but I wanted to do a version that captures the full extent of the destruction and emotional violence that comes in this type of situation. I took what I learned from writing symphonic classical music and composed a more dramatic emotional journey for it, to contrast from the chill vibe of the original.” Stream it below, and listen to his previous single 'Ocean Blue' here.

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