((( O ))) is a up-and-coming female producer who has just put out the track 'Yuyu' on digital service providers this week, in conjunction with her debut London appearance supporting FKJ at the Roundhouse last night (it's been on Youtube for a couple of months). There's scant little other information to go on about ((( O ))), except that she apparently lives in the jungle, working from a treehouse powered by solar panels - some of which you can see in the accompanying visual.

What we can tell you for sure is that her single 'Yuyu' is well worth your time. Blending sonorous chimes and atmospheric vocal samples with a wavering undercurrent of synth, ((( O ))) immediately has you enraptured. This is the perfect state to listen to her unfolding story of self-discovery: "drifted away from the music scene/ lived a new life like another new me." 'Yuyu' continues to wind away on ((( O )))'s natural flow, and through her clear dictation and personality we get a little bit of insight into her past and her desires; essentially, she's only out to make music for herself, and that's perfectly fine with us if it's as blissful as this.