Over the last couple of years, Soft Lit and Yaeji have been responsible for some of my favourite songs released by New York music collective Godmode. In light of this, it makes perfect sense that Soft Lit's Tyler Mcauley and Yaeji teaming up as Juno Morse Code would result in something special.

The latest release in Godmode's sprawling (and ongoing) Faculty Series, 'All Dark' sees Juno Morse Code folding together the whispered and worldly experimental pop of Yaeji's solo material and shuffling post-Timbland beatscapes courtesy of Tyler. While structurally speaking, it's pretty detached from the retro-leaning dance pop Soft Lit have traditionally associated with, 'All Dark' is still very much a work of musical and emotional alchemy, converting the frustration of communication breakdowns into smoldering dancefloor euphoria. Oh, and those alien textures underneath the chorus and verses? They're manipulations of NASA's solar system sound pack.