As we come to the end of the longest winter most of us have ever known, it's a relief to finally get that glimpse of the sun we've all been dying for - albeit it still being about 2 degrees. Still, the summer is coming and so are the songs. The latest single from Just Handshakes perfectly sums up that initial sunny excitement and get us well on the way to festival season.

Jangly guitars, sickly-sweet melodies and nostalgic poppy synths are what makes 'Bright Lights' so damn infectious and will no doubt be providing the soundtrack to many a drunken sway in the summer. Repeating "When we are young" may not be the most insightful lyric we've heard all year but if that chorus structure is anything to go by, you won't care what you're singing.

The track is taken from their forthcoming debut album, Say It, which is released on May 20th via Bleeding Gold Records.

Tour Dates:

  • 21st May - The Old Blue Last, London
  • 25th May - The Hadfield, Sheffield
  • 1st June - The Head Of Steam – Newcastle w/ Pale Man Made