This Friday Justus Proffit and Jay Som are releasing a 5-track collaborative EP called Nothing's Changed through Polyvinyl. They've already shared the title track, and as a teaser before the full EP is dropped, they've today shared the fuzzy 'Invisible Friends'.

The duo's chemistry has yielded a shadowy darkness on 'Invisible Friends', where the gloopy bass keeps the track in a self-reflective mire that matches the contemplative lyrics. Even with the dreamy guitars taking on an upbeat and energetic shape, and even some distant brass blares, 'Invisible Friends' remains a song of determined isolation, where "slipping into the blue" sounds like an ill advised but pleasurable occurrence. This constant clash between the self-involved musical mire and the golden rays of sun that seem to want to break in makes 'Invisible Friends' a fascinatingly replayable little jam. Check it out below.

You can pre-order Nothing's Changed now from Polyvinyl and on digital platforms