K Records is in some trouble. Kimya Dawson, Phil Elverum, and several other musicians came forward earlier this year to announce that the label owes them unpaid royalties. Dawson said the estimated amount "was a good six figures under what they actually owe [her]." The two artists are also among nearly 100 musicians who are owed money. But, it looks like K Records owner Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening) is doing what he can to make things right as he's "selling everything [they] can to make money to pay the people [they] owe," including their own headquarters. The building, which is a former synagogue, is currently listed for $399,000. "We're hoping that with selling the building and some of the equipment that we’ll be able to get back to break even," Johnson said.

Eric Williger, a former K employee who was responsible for accounting, said he was especially troubled about the money owed to Elverum when after learning that his wife Geneviève Castrée was diagnosed with cancer. "When I found out about Geneviève's cancer, I was heartbroken, and also angry," he said. "It made me so mad that K was not paying Phil all the money he was owed immediately, making sacrifices. That was so much more important than anything else, dealing with that kind of tragedy."