Kadhja Bonet recently announced her second album Childqueen with the popping and vibrant 'Mother Maybe'. Today she gives us a second glimpse of the album with 'Delphine', and it shows a much different side to the young musical polymath.

'Delphine' is a spare and spacious ballad, composed of subtle synth beds and gooey bass. Into this airy arena comes Bonet's voice, high-flying and acrobatic in its sweep. In telling the tale of writing a letter to a best friend, she accentuates all the simple and subtle emotions with her controlled and captivating voice, leaving you hanging on every word and intonation. While it is her voice that rightly will grab and hold the attention of the listener, the understated soundscape that she's created around her should also be admired for its bravery and subtleties. Considering that Kadhja Bonet played every instrument on the song (and the album), 'Delphine' goes some way to proving that she is one of the most talented and exciting musicians currently working.

"Delphine is a song I wrote when I wanted to break up with someone,” Kadhja explains “but I struggled to do so because I had too much empathy for them. So instead I write it from their perspective. I have been Delphine, and I have sung to Delphine, many times throughout my life."

Listen to 'Delphine' below.

Kadhja Bonet's second album Childqueen will be co-released on June 8th by Fat Possum and OBE, the label owned and run by her friend (and potential future collaborator) Anderson .Paak. Pre-order it here.