Surviving a near-death experience isn’t always sunshine and roses. Kaheim Rivera had to recover for months after being hit by a car, and even after that, he struggled to reclaim his old sense of normalcy. He wrote many songs in this idle time – the new Be Quiet EP may be the first in a series of releases of music Rivera wrote while immobile, when he was forced to reflect on his life. Enjoy the first three tracks below.

Rivera doesn’t look fondly back on his time in recovery, succumbing to a “quarter-life crisis” shrouded in depression, adding, “[It’s] amplified when all you can do is sit in your own filth and reflect.” The songs that came out of those writing sessions are filled with a stark sadness, covering self-destructive self-medication and desperate loneliness even with a lover near. The EP gets its name from both Rivera’s time in solitude recording tracks in his makeshift bedroom studio, as well as from the production style that keeps consistent throughout the release; though his flows may seem urgent, they are not loud. His collaborators’ contributions elevate his rhymes with their own uplifting melodies; Rosehardt wraps 'Nostalgia' with some words of wayward encouragement while on 'This Night Last Year' Snake Eyes checks in periodically, “unintentionally [giving] a voice to my girlfriend, who just wanted to be there for me and take care of me,” as Rivera explains.

Explore this first instalment from Kahiem Rivera and join him for his last residency night in New York at C’mon Everybody tonight, March 27th. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more info.