From 'Party Talk', the jaunty and colourful first track on Kai Takahashi's Soda Pop EP – a track whose instruments and samples resound with such rhythm that they fit together like puzzle pieces – it's nothing but a sojourn of whimsy and feel-good fun from the Japanese musicmaker. That might sound disparaging, but I mean it very nicely: it is where you sit in the corner of the cafe lost in Takahashi's rainbow world, where you brighten the greyness of everyday travel, where you anticipate seeing good friends with excitement in your belly.

Next track 'Be Crazy' has a slow swaying beat yet with the vocal sample feels garage-flavoured, making this a lovely base of gummy synthetic tropicalia with just a sprinkling of harder spices meant to bump the body and soul. It's that same tropical feel with which the eponymous third and final track 'Soda Pop' is imbued, mainly thanks to the plonking glockenspiel breakdowns, soft glowing chords jostling with sweeps of echoing nebulous synth melody elsewhere on the track, Takahashi's vocals subtly floating throughout. Inescapable grooves that do not jump out but instead slowly take over you, slowly chromatise your mind and body, sounds and melodies that do not catch but open up a temporary portal to an easy-living elsewhere – this is this trilogy of tracks.

Listen to the Soda Pop EP in full below.