“We’re better than Oasis” boasted Kaiser Chiefs‘ Ricky Wilson earlier this year, words he may have to eat. As critics warm to “Dig Out Your Soul,” some have already shown disappointment with “Off With Their Heads.” With a solid two albums behind them, and new production from Mark Ronson, it would be fair to assume that we would hear something different and better from the Leeds rockers. Instead, to the listeners disdain, it’s much of the same, and worse still at a much lower standard. Lyrics were never the bands strong point, but the rambling on lead single “Never Miss A Beat” hits an all time low as front man Wilson sings; “Why don’t you run away?/Are you kidding?/What is the golden rule?/I don’t know.” Being green is great, but this recycling of already sub-par guitars and dreary vocals is going a bit too far…The band can be excused for their lack of innovation on “Yours Truly, Angry Mob,” but a third album of the same is unforgivable. The musical progression from “Employment” is still at zero, and tracks like the appalling “Addicted to Drugs” do little to help their cause. Despite this, the album, like its predecessors, will no doubt go down a treat at Elland Road and festivals next summer. That however is the only plus point on this frankly dismal effort, if Ricky Wilson wants to come close to the Gallaghers, Albarn or any other Britpop legends, he needs to pull off something miles better than this. 4.5/10