Label: Unsigned Release date: Out Now! Website: Kalle Mattson on Myspace Kalle Wainio, a.k.a Kalle Mattson is the latest in talented, unsigned Canadians to reach across the ocean in search of our ears, increasingly receptive to heartfelt folk-rock as they are. Indeed, Kalle’s context is a double-edged sword; the wave of similar yet more established groups is definitely at full swell. It falls to the young singer/songwriter, Rory Lewis and Patrick Larkin (who complete the line-up) then, to offer something a little different, or at the very least an especially good version of the same. In some respects, they succeed admirably. More a cross pollination of Jason Lytle and Wilco than a tired amalgamation of Hey Rosetta and The Acorn, Kalle Mattson possess a maturity and incisive downtempo charm that sidesteps the issue of escaping their milieu in favour of taking a little heart from it. The album is generally consistent, but one track in particular stands head and shoulders above the others, a glimpse at the heights Kalle Mattson may yet crest. ‘Hall Of Oats‘ (which you can download for free luckily) is a melancholy, sun dappled song of yearning that rather surprisingly reaches a shoegaze climax of sorts. This track inversely represents a premature peak; for the rest of the album the gentle melodies lack the same definition. Kalle Mattson have produced a solid debut album in Whisper Bee that, whilst not yet capable of standing head-to-head with more polished exports, still succeeds in filling a niche. With just a little more confidence in their voices, they threaten to grow out of it in the very near future. Rating: 6.5/10 Drunken Sweaters by Kalle Mattson What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!