After winning the American Music Prize for Best Debut Album with The Epic, Kamasi Washington spoke with Rolling Stone, where he revealed that he's been plotting his next album as well as the creation of a graphic novel. He hopes to get into the studio in the next couple months and his goal is to get to recording before his upcoming tour stops in Hawaii and Australia/New Zealand, slated for later this month.

"In my mind, I have plans for more large-ensemble stuff: doing some brass ensembles and not just things with the choir," he told Rolling Stone. "It's hard to say exactly; it's all in my head right now. I've been messing around with recording myself over and over again. Like a 32-piece saxophone thing. Just for a demo, for a song. And I'm like, "Hey, that sounds cool. Maybe it's something I want to do for real."

Kamasi also revealed his plans to write a graphic novel, based on a narrative that came to him in a dream, and which informed last year's album The Epic.